MIRANDAOLA IRONWORKS , THE FORCE OF IRON TOUR & LIFE DEMOSTRATION WITH THE SPECIAL BLACKSMITH AND PINTXO Languages: Spanish and Basque, English and French (on request) Dates: On Sundays from 14/04-6/10 . In Spanish at 12.30am , In Basque at 11.30 am Meeting Point: Mirandaola Park in Legazpi. Basque Iron Museum next to the tourist office of Mirandaola. Legazpi is considered the heart of the Iron Valley as it is situated in the foothills of the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park. It is essential to visit Legazpi in order to discover Gipuzkoa and the culture of Iron in the Basque Country. In the Basque Iron Museum, we will show you the importance of iron for the Basque Country. Then, we will discover the famous miracle of the iron cross in the Chapel. Finally, we will visit the inside of a real ironworks where the fire, the water force and the noise of the large hammer are so exciting that after tasting the blacksmith "pintxo" (charcoal-grilled "txistorra", rural homemade bread and cider), this tour will be one-of-a-kind. The Ironworks is situated in Mirandaola Park, a Leisure and Culture area. This area is divided in different spaces where you can find the Tourism Office, a themed bar & restaurant, a children's park, a fronton (court wall)…Moreover, you can visit other nearby museums such as, the Ecomuseum of Shepherding, the Bread's Retreat, Chillida Factory, the Working Class' House etc. Besides, if you prefer to connect with the countryside you can choose a route, like the Ironworks Route, and go for walk while you continue learning about the traditional Basque Ironworks.

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Price (Tax Included): Adults 7.00€ Duration: 1 hour Learn all about iron and its culture with our blacksmiths in Mirandaola Ironworks, which is an original example of a Basque traditional ironworks. The blacksmiths will make a life demonstration of how they worked in the XVIth century. The tour includes; the blacksmith "pintxo" or snack (charcoal-grilled "txistorra", rural homemade bread and cider) and guided tours to the Basque Iron Museum and the iron cross' chapel.